Palestine - a poem

Settle down, relax and enjoy
A continuous firework show
Which costs three billion dollars a year
And is brought to you by the IDF and the US of A!
There are cluster bombs,
Thermobarbaric missiles,
Depleted uranium shells,
And white phospherous,
All carefully choreographed
To light up Palestine's sky!
These novelties are regularly dispatched
To a clientele hungry for pyrotechnics
From the Pentagon Incendiary Company,
(Though it has a poor safety record
As its products routinely kill
Anyone who gets to close...)
Resenting those who stage this spectacle
Of flying limbs, and spurting blood
And tiny corpses with napalmed flesh-
Gaza residents occasionally
Strap home-made fireworks
To their own bodies; leave
Their open air torture chamber-
And put on a display for their captors.

-Heathcote Williams.